What is the INTR?

The International Network of Twin Registries (INTR) was created in 2011 as a working group of the International Society for Twin Studies (ISTS). The main aims of the INTR are to facilitate collaboration and promote twin research globally. 



Four official INTR meetings have been held in Florence, Italy (2012), Seoul, South Korea (2013), Budapest, Hungary (2013) and Osaka, Japan (2015).

Worldwide Twins has been the voice of INTR on the web since 2013 when the first website was launched. In the same year, researchers initiated an audit of existing twin data and biospecimens. The results of were published in a special issue of Twin Research and Human Genetics with profiles of a number of twin registries.

In Osaka, the 4th INTR Meeting established plans to expand the audit and build a more complete catalog of twin data and biospecimens available worldwide for research. It also paved the way for a team of early-career researchers and professionals to take a leadership role in moving the initiative forward with support from the global twin research community.


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